5 Great Internships for Master’s in Communication Students

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Updated August 4, 2020

Master's Degree in Communication: Popular Internships

  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media
  • Broadcasting
  • Copywriting

Internships for Master's in Communication students prepare graduates for a broad range of stimulating career opportunities. And what is even more appealing about internships for communication students is that they can choose to intern in a large variety of fields. From marketing or public relations to broadcasting or copywriting, there is sure to be an exciting internship position that will help them gain the experience they need. Some examples of the types of internships available for communications majors are described below.

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1. Marketing Internships

Marketing internships are perfect for communication students who are interested in the marketing aspect of businesses. The main responsibility of marketing interns is to assist marketing professionals with various promotional and advertising campaigns. This can involve a variety of tasks including such things as helping develop social media strategies, creating blog posts, designing promotional videos, and writing marketing emails.

2. Public Relations Internships

One of the most popular internships for students with master's degrees in communication involves public relations. Students who choose these types of internships help public relations experts increase the image of companies by focusing on positive aspects of the businesses as well as their products and services. Common tasks of public relations interns include helping PR teams design public relations campaigns, manage customer relationships, and write press releases.

3. Social Media Internships

Social media is a booming field today, and according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, positions for social media specialists pay an average of about $56,770 per year (as of May, 2015). Communication students who choose these intern programs assist social media marketing teams with a broad range of activities including creating fresh content for social media pages, interacting with followers of business' social media pages, and tracking key performance indicators.

4. Broadcasting Internships

Another great intern program for students with master degrees in communication involves broadcasting. This is the ideal choice for persons who are interested in communicating by way of television or radio. Broadcasting interns help staff members of radio and television companies by taking on such tasks as light research, fact-checking, and helping with various areas of production.

5. Copywriting Internships

Copywriting internships are excellent for Master's in Communication students who possess exceptional writing skills. An internship in copywriting involves a broad range of duties that may include conducting research for written content, creating rough drafts for blogs and emails, and editing a large variety of content such as blog posts, news articles, emails, and social media content.

Communication majors who need to participate in internships to fulfill graduation requirements have many options to choose from. There are many great internship opportunities for Master's in Communication students, and the five options described above are some of the most popular choices today.

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