5 Great Internships for Master’s in Organizational Psychology Students

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Updated August 4, 2020

Top 5 Companies Hiring Master's in Organizational Psychology Interns

  • National Security Agency
  • Tesla
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Federal Reserve
  • The Walt Disney Company

The field of industrial and organizational psychology has grown significantly over the years, and Master's in Organizational Psychology students can seek internship positions at some of the top companies in the world. Industrial and organizational psychology, or I/O psychology, is a field of applied psychology that focuses on optimizing the human resources of a corporate workforce. From private companies to government agencies, the organizations hiring interns for spring, summer, and fall positions are exciting and varied. The following list contains five of the most sought-after positions.

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1. National Security Agency

The NSA hires industrial and organizational psychology interns for a 12-week program. The position gives master's and doctoral students the opportunity to work directly under psychologists in a professional environment. Interns gain experience evaluating personnel for critical positions within the NSA. Some of the titles of personnel analyzed by I/O psychologists at the NSA include organizational developers, human capital systems designers, consultants, occupational analysts, and workforce evaluators. The NSA is an agency within the executive branch of the United States government.

2. Tesla

Intern positions at Tesla are designed to train I/O psychology master's students in the field of personnel evaluation and organizational optimization. The psychologists at Tesla are responsible for providing input and advice for hiring managers in the human resources department. Tesla personnel are some of the most talented business and technology professionals in Silicon Valley. The responsibility of an organizational psychology intern at Tesla is to evaluate the impact and utility of personnel on the workforce and to provide advice about optimizing the human capital available to the company. Interns work directly under psychologists at Tesla for a period of two to three months during the summer.

3. Lockheed Martin

A spot as an intern at Lockheed Martin is a fantastic opportunity for master's students of organizational psychology. Interns work directly under I/O specialists in Lockheed Martin's human resources department. The position offers students hands-on experience via shadowing and the adoption of responsibility within the office in which they intern. It's a paid position that can lead to an offer for full-time employment at one of America's premier defense contracting agencies. According to Lockheed Martin, interns are responsible for a wide range of tasks from designing and validating employee competency models to preparing and delivering oral presentations to clients.

4. Federal Reserve

At the Federal Reserve, organizational psychology master's students can take advantage of an opportunity to work as a summer intern. The Fed is the central banking organization of the United States. It employs thousands of Americans and people from all over the world at branch offices throughout the country. I/O psychology student interns have the opportunity to work with human resources professionals at a branch office in a nearby city. According to the Federal Reserve, interns are chosen based on academic achievement and experience.

5. The Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company is one of the most well-known entertainment and theme park companies in the world. Summer intern positions for organizational psychology students take place over a 12-week period between June and August. Interns receive personal training from an experienced I/O psychologist or team of experts from within the organization. Disney offers full-time positions to interns who demonstrate strong skills and work ethic.

A master's degree can lead to new job opportunities and a higher salary for motivated individuals. Some of the top agencies and corporations in the country offer great internship opportunities for Master's in Organizational Psychology students, so it's a good idea to take advantage of these offers while they're available.

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