5 Great Internships for MBAs

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Updated August 4, 2020

MBA Internships

  • Banking and Finance
  • Management Consulting
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceutical
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Information Technology

Internships for MBA students offer excellent opportunities to put developing business skills to work. From gaining valuable experience to checking out a particular industry, internships are an important part of getting an MBA education. Take a look at these five great internships that can help launch a promising career.

Banking and Finance Internships

These internships are usually part of a team in the dynamic banking and finance industry. MBA students will have hands-on opportunities to work on acquisitions, partnerships, restructurings and joint ventures. This includes preparing for and attending meetings, working on financial models and carrying out banking transactions. Many interns will have a junior mentor and a senior mentor to guide them through their specific program. Because these internships are very intensive, many companies will offer their interns placement within the corporation at the end of their term.

Management Consulting Internships

While working as a management consulting intern, MBA students will be exposed to the inner workings of a consulting firm and work closely with experienced consultants within the company. Most likely, MBA students will be assigned to a customer account and supervised by their senior partner. Typical responsibilities for interns include conducting research, gathering data, analyzing information, interviewing customers, preparing reports and making presentations. In addition, interns develop important business strategy skills as they engage daily in consultation work. Many successful MBA interns are offered positions with the firm once they earn their degree.

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Internships

With the healthcare industry growing so quickly, healthcare and pharmaceutical internships can provide access to a promising career. MBA students who are interested in working in the healthcare industry can look for opportunities with hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical companies or health-related organizations such as the American Cancer Society or the American Red Cross. MBA interns in the healthcare field often work in the finance, marketing or supply chain management departments for the respective businesses. Some pharmaceutical companies also provide international internships for those MBA students who are interested in working and living abroad.

Sales and Marketing Internships

MBA students may be naturally attracted to the vibrant world of sales and marketing. With a sales and marketing internship, interns are directly involved with every aspect of marketing a product and securing the sale. MBA interns will learn the basics about their company's products, as well as how to generate customer leads. They also learn how to observe market trends and analyze sales cycles. From developing quality marketing tools to making that first sales call, sales and marketing interns gain valuable experience in business. Best of all, many MBA students get paid and earn commissions during their sales and marketing internships.

Information Technology Internships

MBA students who are interested in the cutting-edge industry of technology should look into an information technology internship. These internships focus on creating IT solutions to help businesses connect better with their customers. MBA interns often work as part of a team in business development and research. They will be asked to participate in meetings and create presentations to seek out business-related solutions in a technological environment. In addition, many MBA interns work on marketing projects to generate new business for the company. With IT businesses growing exponentially, information technology interns are immersed in an innovative and exciting environment.

Overall, MBA internships allow students to gain valuable work-related experience within their chosen profession. With so many internships available, MBA students should apply for a program within their preferred field to hone their particular talents and abilities.

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