5 Great Internships for Master’s in Political Science Students

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Updated August 4, 2020

Master's in Political Science

  • Local Government Intern
  • Senate Intern
  • House of Representatives Intern
  • Non-Profit (and Non-Government) Opportunities
  • Research Intern Opportunities

Landing your first internship as a political science student can be stressful. While it's very important to choose an experience that will set you up for success in your chosen field, it's more important that you apply yourself and learn. Your first position does not need to define your career. How you work and what you take from your experience will shape who you are as a person and politician – if that's the direction you choose. Earning your Master's in Political Science is a prestigious and ambitious pursuit. To make it count, here are five great internships to jumpstart your political science career.

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1. Local Government Intern

Small is big. Your local government is often a great place to start. You'll get the advantage of understanding the grassroots of your hometown while positioning yourself for a future run. Look for opportunities in the mayor or governor's offices, or other area of specialization if you'd know which part of politics appeals to you most. Think of all the areas government touches. You could work in local real estate government, local school government, or something quite different. It's up to you to discover the opportunities that local government can provide.

2. Senate Intern

Intern opportunities abound in the US Senate. There are 100 senators in the United States, each with their own office. These offices employ a multitude of people, including interns. The Senate is a prestigious and interesting place to get your start. Be sure you're ready to hustle!

3. House of Representatives Intern

Look for opportunities at the US House of Representatives. Your representative's office most likely has opportunities for internships, and you'll be able to get your hands dirty on the state level. Don't overlook the House of Representatives if you have big political ambitions. Abraham Lincoln began his political career in the house!

4. Non-Profit (and Non-Government) Opportunities

Not all political careers are government related. If you're looking to change the world, many non-profits, local schools and other government-dependent institutions are looking for your professional expertise. You can help bridge the gap between a child getting funding for a quality education and the legal, government hang-ups that often prevent this from happening. Be the change you wish to see in the world by applying your political knowledge to a good cause.

5. Research Intern Opportunities

Show your passion and desire to learn by using your education for a research internship. Many local, state and federal branches want smart individuals who are able to work hard when it comes to discovering and defining details. An internship in a research related capacity is great for starting your career. Find opportunities on USAjobs.gov, or look for titles like "research assistant" in your searches.

No matter where you intern, remember that you control the success and the narrative. Whether the experience lives up to your expectations or not, it's up to you to learn from the process and tell future political prospects how you were impacted by your position. The best thing to do is be honest, be helpful and be hardworking. The rest will come with time.

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