5 Industries that Rely on Project Managers

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Updated August 4, 2020

Top 5 Industries that Hire Project Managers

  • Information Technology
  • Engineering
  • Advertising
  • Healthcare
  • Startups/Small Business

Project managers work in different industries and are involved in every stage of a project's life. They are the primary point of contact between the stakeholders and the team and help keep the project on track. Being a project manager requires a certain skill set including communication, leadership, and organizational abilities, but these professionals do not have to be experts in the particular field. Some industries that utilize these managers including the following.

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1. Information Technology

IT is one of the fastest growing industries in the marketplace today and one of the most competitive. In order for a company to be successful, it is important to keep the time from project conception to completion as short as possible, which is the primary job of a project manager. As long as the project manager knows how to communicate with technical professionals, he or she does not need programming or tech expertise to be successful. In fact, when hiring for this position, tech organizations often look for candidates with innovative, creative, and critical thinking skills to lead their teams.

2. Engineering

This entire field is concerned with finding useful applications for new technologies or designing solutions to problems with current products and systems which is why many project managers find jobs in this industry. These professionals need to effectively communicate with people of varying backgrounds from the very technical to the more business-oriented team members. Engineering project management positions are available in multiple specialty areas including electrical, agricultural, and biomedical with some of the highest paying careers in the petroleum and gas sectors.

3. Advertising

Many departments contribute to the completion of an advertising campaign. An account team communicates directly with clients in order to understand their vision. Creative and research teams use data to create a targeted ad concept, and then the design team, studio team, and others help create the actual product, passing it on to other departments for optimization and delivery. Similar processes occur for each medium, print, television, online, and radio. A project manager coordinates the various teams and keeps the project progressing on time, under budget, and according to client specifications.

4. Healthcare

Hospitals and clinics make up another industry that hires project managers to plan and implement improvements. Some managers are responsible for staffing issues like adding specialty departments or finding high-profile physicians who will attract more patients. Others focus on patient satisfaction, working on decreasing wait times, maintaining accuracy of records, and keeping costs down. A third group of healthcare project managers work internally, ensuring that employees are satisfied with their jobs and compensation and that they have all the necessary support and equipment for their particular roles.

5. Startups/Small Business

While some startups forgo project managers in order to keep costs low, this can be a mistake in the long run. According to Forbes, skimping on this position often leads small businesses to get off track and end up with a product far outside the scope initially designed, along with a high development bill. Sometimes project managers are willing to work with startups in exchange for a small stake in the company, and others can provide part-time consulting services to help with big-picture planning that can help keep the project in line.

Excellent interpersonal communication skills, leadership abilities, flexibility, and innovative thinking are the keys to effective project management. Specific technical knowledge is not required which is why many different industries make use of these professionals.

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