5 Topics for a Master’s in Communication Captstone Project

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Updated April 24, 2021

Master's in Communication Capstone Project Ideas

  • The Impact of Mass Media on Body Image
  • Social Media and U.S. Politics
  • Race and Gender in Public Relations
  • The Power of Brand Recognition in a Marketing Campaign
  • Strategies in Response to Crises in Major League Baseball

Before receiving a Master's in Communication, students must complete a capstone project. This project is to show evidence that a student has taken in all that's been taught over the course of study and can apply and examine that knowledge using a specific idea or topic. Usually this project is completed over the course of two semesters, during which the student completes independent research on their chosen topic that addresses a specific issue or concern in the field of communication. During this time, students also continue to engage with their assigned faculty mentor for advice and support.

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1. The Impact of Mass Media on Female Body Image

Today's mass media bombards the public with photos and images of women, with an emphasis on their good looks and perfect body size. The focus on the American beauty ideal is communicated as having a thin body shape and symmetrical facial features. A possible capstone project could identify these standards, as set by mass media, and how they affect females, especially adolescent girls who are struggling with self-esteem issues.

2. Social Media and U.S. Politics

According to Statista, The Statistics Portal, social media was one of the America's most influential sources for information during the 2016 U.S. Presidential election. A communications culminating project can examine how social networks like Facebook and Twitter targeted specific groups of voters using advertising and fake news reports to disrupt some candidate's support bases.

3. Race and Gender in Public Relations

The majority of specialists working in the field of public relations are Caucasian. Datausa finds that 81.5% of PR workers are white, with African Americans accounting for just about 10% of those working in public relations, with even less women of color entering the field. A capstone project can explore reasons for these disparities in race and gender, with insights into the effects on this industry.

4. The Power of Brand Recognition in a Marketing Campaign

When consumers readily recognize a brand name product or service, they are more likely to choose that brand. Being aware of the qualities or even the image of a particular brand can drive a purchaser's decisions when looking at competing products. A capstone idea might be to analyze advertising campaigns and their impact on brand recognition.

5. Strategies in Response to Crises in Major League Baseball

Communications crises happen in the world of major league baseball, among other sports. Scandals involving players or management, union tensions, and political twists and turns can be a public relations headache. A culminating project could examine the strategies that are useful in dealing with these events and minimizing negative long-term impacts.

A Master's in Communication offers useful and applied knowledge to the student, who studies effective communication techniques and ways to use them. The capstone project is the culmination of seniors' academic and intellectual experience, enhancing their real world knowledge and helping build a strong professional portfolio.

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