5 Unusual Careers for Master’s in Communication Graduates

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Updated August 4, 2020

Unusual Communications Careers for Master's Graduates

  • Foreign Service Public Diplomacy Officers
  • Community Relations Specialists
  • Creative Services Managers
  • Translators and Interpreters
  • Campaign Consultants

A master's degree in communication will qualify graduates for a large variety of communications careers. And while there are many traditional jobs that are available to persons who have earned such a degree, there are also several uncommon positions available to them. The following five occupations fall in this category and are ideal for grads who are looking for positions outside of the norm.

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1. Foreign Service Public Diplomacy Officers

One unusual career option for graduates with a master's degree in communications is known as a foreign service public diplomacy officer. Often referred to as simply public diplomacy officers or foreign service officers, these professionals are employed by the government to represent the United States while abroad. While their daily tasks can vary from one year to the next and even from one month to the next, the overall goal of public diplomacy officers is to promote peace and prosperity while advancing the interests of the U.S.

2. Community Relations Specialists

Positions as community relations specialists are perfect for communication grads who enjoy the marketing aspect of business. The main objective of persons in this occupation is to build meaningful relationships with organizations and individuals that can help support their employers' goals. An example of this is a sports equipment company donating equipment to a school or sponsoring a sporting event. Common tasks of community relations specialists include such things as creating press releases, organizing community outreach programs, and developing public relations plans.

3. Creative Services Managers

Creative services managers oversee a broad range of creative teams to develop ideas for new products, events designed to increase or raise product or brand awareness, unique marketing strategies, or new branding concepts. These professionals are often found working for major advertising agencies but can be employed by large corporations, as well. Teams that are typically managed by creative services managers may vary depending on the needs of clients but can include videographers, content writers, designers, and web developers.

4. Translators and Interpreters

Master's in communication graduates who are fluent in two or more languages other than their own may want to consider positions as interpreters or translators. The main responsibility of these careers is to convert spoken or written words from one language to another. These professionals can be employed by a variety of organizations including hospitals, social service agencies, government agencies, and large corporations. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a high demand for persons in this profession, and positions are expected to increase by about 18 percent until 2026.

5. Campaign Consultants

Another great career for graduates with a master's degree in communications is that of a campaign consultant. Also known as political consultants, campaign consultants work to promote political candidates. They are responsible for a broad range of tasks that typically include developing media strategies, creating political advertisements, conducting fundraising activities, and researching major issues that may affect a campaign. They also interact with the public regularly to determine how they feel about candidates and their viewpoints pertaining to relevant issues.

When most people think of communications careers, they most often associate them with such positions as public relations managers, communication consultants, or market researchers. But the good news is that there are many exciting and unusual careers for Master's in Communication graduates, and some of the best are described above.

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