5 Tips for Applying to a Master’s in Engineering Program

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Updated August 4, 2020

Tips for Applying to a Master's in Engineering Program

  • Submit Numerous Applications
  • Showcase Strengths
  • Ask for an Interview
  • Use a Dynamic Approach
  • Make Essays Perfect

Earning a Master's degree is an important first step toward a successful career and a good financial future. Students considering a Master's degree in the field of engineering should thoroughly research the degree programs that are available to find the one that is right for them. Once preliminary research is completed, the admissions process should be a student's focus because moving forward is impossible without first getting admitted. Engineering students, therefore, should carefully study the application process to maximize the range of opportunities that will be made available to them.

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1. Submit Numerous Applications

Many students who apply for a Master's degree program for the first time make the mistake of assuming that they will be easily admitted into their program of choice. The unfortunate reality, however, is that most programs admit only a minority of individuals who apply. Even applicants who have outstanding grades and test scores can be denied in some instances. Submitting many applications, therefore, is critical for students who plan to attend a master's degree program. Most schools allow students to transfer, so taking the second option can often be a good alternative path forward when an application is turned down.

2. Showcase Strengths

Schools receive thousands of applications from students with great grades. Consequently, it is critical for students to seize any available opportunities to differentiate themselves from the norm by showcasing their personal strengths. When schools make resume submissions optional, students should ordinarily take advantage of these opportunities unless they have a more compelling reason for keeping this information private. Students who find ways of demonstrating what makes them unique can significantly increase their chances of being admitted.

3. Ask for an Interview

An increasing number of schools are allowing students to skip admissions interviews. In fact, some schools do not even explicitly offer a face-to-face meeting with admissions officers. Students who never meet admissions staff at a prospective institution cannot expect to be treated as anything more than a statistic. Universities often set their minimum GPA requirements low, and they do this so that they can admit students who are excellent according to other criteria. A good admissions interview, therefore, can enable a seemingly ordinary student to get through the rigorous admissions requirements at a prestigious university.

4. Use a Dynamic Approach

The process of submitting admissions applications can often seem like a monotonous chore. Universities often ask for the same information, and this can lead to poor submissions that cause students to look more ordinary than they really are. Students applying for a Master's degree program should employ a dynamic approach to make themselves stand out. Tailoring application submissions to what makes a university unique can significantly improve a student's chances of being perceived as exceptional and, thus, worthy of being admitted.

5. Make Essays Perfect

Admissions officers tend to dread having to read through a stack of application essays. Unfortunately, many students ignore careless mistakes, and some students even submit hastily prepared essays that make them stand out as a bad candidate. Students can, therefore, significantly increase their chances of being admitted by submitting excellent essays that are free from errors and full of substantial value.

In today's world, students should try to submit their application online. Although paper applications are often still available, some engineering schools perceive a student as being behind the times when they needlessly submit their work in paper form. Moreover, students should keep in mind that many schools use advanced analytics software to observe how an application was submitted. Students who, for example, rush through their application could be penalized accordingly. By submitting an application in the right way, engineering students can significantly increase their chances of being admitted into a Master's degree program.

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