5 Tips for Maximizing an On-Campus Residency in an Ed.D. Program

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Updated August 4, 2020

Tips for Maximizing an On-Campus Residency in an Ed.D. Program

  • Attend Seminars
  • Interact with Faculty and Students
  • Complete Research
  • Participate in Professional Activities
  • Prepare your Dissertation

Those who obtain their Ed.D. degree will be qualified for leadership positions in the education field. To earn the advanced certification, you will need to complete an accredited study program, which includes an on-campus residency. These five tips will help you maximize this learning opportunity.

Attend Seminars

During your on-campus residency, maximize your educational opportunities by attending conferences and seminars. They offer benefits like providing tips for developing your communication skills, allowing you to network with experts in the education field and giving you a way to obtain professional knowledge. Seminars can inspire you and help you build confidence in your chosen field. On-campus conferences may focus on helping students become better listeners, which is a much-needed leadership skill for those who are interested in a career in education. Some seminars may include activities that give you the chance to practice your interpersonal skills or work with others.

Interact with Faculty and Students

While completing your on-campus residency, you can maximize the required learning element by interacting with teachers, administrators and students. This step lets you form future job contacts. The interaction also gives you a peek at the kind of job skills that you'll need to be an effective leader in the education field. It will prepare you for your future job and help you select the best area of education for your career preferences and natural talents. For instance, you may discover that you're more comfortable working in a college environment than you are within a school that teaches early education.

Complete Research

Maximize your on-campus residency by completing your program's research. While on campus, you'll have easy access to the materials that you need to finish your scholarly studies. You can take advantage of study groups, and seek assignment assistance from professors and administrators. It will also be more convenient for you to conduct research studies and write your papers while you're on campus. Your residency is a good time to hone in on the management skills that you'll need for the job. It will also allow you to gain an understanding of the everyday tasks that you're likely to face.

Participate in Professional Activities

To complete your residency requirements, you'll need to participate in professional activities. This may include working as a graduate instructor or research assistant along with attending professional meetings, taking part in student organizations and participating in orientation programs. If you work with a professor, you can make the most of the requirement by fully engaging those you are teaching. During student organizations, offer to plan an event or two, and when attending meetings, be sure to participate by presenting suggestions. If you wind up fulfilling the professional activities requirement by participating in orientation, then provide thorough information.

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Prepare your Dissertation

To receive your degree, you'll need to write a dissertation. This assignment can be rewarding since you'll be selecting a topic that interests you. To achieve success, use your best planning and research skills. Keep in mind that these skills are likely to come in handy once you begin working in the education field. Make the most of your residency by readying yourself to defend your dissertation. Since this is an oral test, you'll need time to practice your communication skills. Also, confirm that you've fulfilled all of the program's requirements.

With a doctor of education degree, you'll have the skills and training for leadership positions in elementary schools or high schools. You can also work in school districts, for colleges and even within government organizations. The education field is as rewarding as it is diverse.

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