Graduate School Scholarships

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Updated August 4, 2020

Graduate school scholarships are available to students seeking to advance their career by means of an advanced degree. The pursuit of a graduate degree not only provides the financial stability that many students desire but also helps to develop communication, technical, and interpersonal skills. While these pursuits can be costly, the skills learned are advantageous to organizations as they continue to expand their operations on a global scale.

Some of the most popular graduate degrees are Master of Science, Master of Business Administration, Master of Education, Doctorate of Business Administration, Doctorate of Philosophy, Doctorate of Education, and Juris Doctorate. Each degree has various specializations such as human resources, finance, early childhood education, psychology, organizational leadership, health care administration, engineering, public administration, advocacy, and sports management. Additional degree fields are available and information can be obtained by accessing a university's academic program list.

Graduate School Finances

Financing graduate studies is a worthwhile investment particularly with the great career opportunity returns. Depending on which school a student decides to enroll in, students research how to pay for graduate school and can then plan ahead in order to ensure that all expenses are covered. Educational expenses include tuition, course textbooks, technology fees, library fees, housing, and transportation costs. Each university's tuition rates vary but students can expect to pay between $20,000 to over $50,000 per year. A few of the leading graduate schools in the United States are Stanford University, Harvard University, Yale University, University of Notre Dame, John Hopkins University, Vanderbilt University, Duke University, University of Michigan. St. John's University, Auburn University, South Dakota State University, University of South Carolina, Washington States University, and Central Michigan University.

Available Graduate School Scholarships

There are several graduate scholarships available in certain fields. Several of them are listed below.

The American Association of Colleges of Nursing offer nursing students the opportunity to apply for scholarships and fellowships which range from $500-$60,000 per year. This offer varies based on each program's criteria such as critical care, geriatric, and nurse practitioner majors. Additional fields are available and information can be obtained by visiting the AACN website.

The American Marketing Association Foundation offers African American, Hispanic, and Native American PhD students the opportunity to apply for the Valuing Diversity Scholarships. Recipients of this scholarship program will have to comply with the program's diversity dissertation topic guidelines.

The American Association of University Women provides fellowships for students majoring in architecture, engineering, math, and computer science.

The National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship is available to graduate level and PhD students. NSF provides students with foreign research opportunities.

The Emergency Nurses Association offers funding for students pursing a Doctorate of Philosophy or a Doctorate of Nursing Practice.

The Lloyd G. Balfour offers scholarships to students who have at least a 3.7 grade point average, are actively involved in community or campus based projects, or belong to a fraternity or sorority.

The Jack Anson fellowship is also available to students who are interested in pursuing a professional administrative position in the higher education industry or fraternity or sorority organizations.

The Institute of International Education manages and provides information about various scholarship foundations which provide funding for graduate students desiring to complete their degree in another country.

These are just a sampling of the graduate school scholarships that are available for those who want to reduce their educational expenses.

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