How Can You Specialize a Master’s in Advertising?

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Updated August 4, 2020

The interdisciplinary field of marketing attracts business-savvy individuals who want to specialize a Master's in Advertising. This degree, which combines the fields of business, sociology, psychology, journalism, mathematics and more, is transforming along with new innovations in technology. Here's a look at some of the most popular specializations.

Digital and Interactive Advertising

With the advent of the digital age, certain traditional advertising venues have shrunk considerably, along with the available number of jobs in those specializations. However, new career opportunities abound in the wonderful world of digitization and technology. Today, interactive marketing is introducing new products and services to people of all ages. Specialists in this area of advertising need to be creative and tech savvy. These advertising students learn about search engine optimization to help drive traffic, and they also learn the psychology behind engaging an online audience. Although relatively new, this advertising specialization holds great potential for the future of those in advertising and marketing.

Integrated Advertising

Every marketing student learns about branding, but those specializing in integrated marketing learn how top brands like Coca-Cola, Google, McDonalds and Disney are immediately recognizable to a worldwide audience. In integrated marketing programs, students learn how to increase brand awareness while developing brand loyalty. Strategic marketing plans are essential to any marketer choosing to specialize in integrated advertising.

Public Relations

A Master's in Advertising that specializes in public relations focuses on building relationships with individuals and the media in order to present a positive public image for clients and brands. If you choose to specialize in public relations, you'll be involved in doing such things as writing speeches, crafting press releases and organizing special events. Public relations specialists also conduct interviews of public figures, work closely with politicians and consult with top business leaders.

Strategic Marketing

A specialization in strategic marketing is perfect for those in advertising who love crunching numbers. In this field, advertisers collect and focus on data to inform and advance their marketing techniques. Students interested in applied research might find this specialization particularly attractive. A master's program in strategic marketing will focus on teaching students to hone their critical thinking skills in order to develop practical advertising solutions for a real-world business setting.

Choosing a Degree Program

Because a master's degree in advertising draws on many related fields, it is important for you to consider what interests you most about advertising as you choose a degree program, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Although all advertising is a fusion of math, science and creativity, different programs will have different emphases. If you struggle with higher math, it would be best for you to choose a program that emphasizes creative design over statistical analysis. If you have superior communication skills, you might choose a program that emphasizes journalism or broadcasting.

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Although advertising continues to be a competitive job field, the right degree program can help you become successful. Armed with knowledge about how to specialize a master's degree in advertising, you can effectively choose a degree program that plays to your personal strengths.

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