What Jobs are Available With a Master’s in Technology Management?

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Updated August 4, 2020

Business professionals are able to pursue a number of jobs available with a Master's in Technology degree after graduation. Businesses of all types need leaders, and the advanced knowledge and skills a graduate with a Master's in Technology management develops is valuable preparation for helping a company to meet and exceed its vision, mission, and goals.

Graduate Technology Management Curriculum

Graduate programs in technology management are often designed for professionals who are already working in careers and are looking to advance into management or transition into executive level positions. Although the focus of curriculum varies by program, graduate students in this area will typically complete several advanced courses in topics in technology management as well as seminar courses, a capstone project, and observation or mentor program participation.

There are a number of courses that a graduate student will complete in a Master's in Technology Management program. Some of these courses include legal issues and technology, operations management, strategic planning, product realization, technology management, information technology, and finance in technology management. The course work helps to build a foundation in the ability to manage technical professionals, information technology systems, identify and implement strategies for improvements, and other areas of incorporating technology into business operations.

Information Technology Careers after Graduation

A large portion of the curriculum and focus of possible specializations in master's degrees in technology management incorporate information technology. At the specialist level, graduates might pursue careers as a computer analyst, systems analyst, support representative, or computer programmer. Management positions might also include information technology manager and management information systems director. A master's degree is also often a preferred qualification for executive level positions such as chief technology officer and chief information officer.

Careers in Management after Graduation

In addition to specialist and management positions directly connected to information technology, graduates of a technology management master's degree also have the qualifications for meeting the requirements of other management positions. All types of management positions require skills in budgeting, coordinating, implementing, evaluating and assessing, and communicating. These are all skills that are emphasized in a graduate degree program for technology management. Some examples of career possibilities include project manager, product manager, and project coordinator. Professionals with a master's degree in technology management might also pursue positions in management for various departments within an organization.

Additional Certifications and Training

A master's degree in technology management is also helpful for preparing graduates to complete professional designations and certifications in specific areas of the field. These certifications are beneficial for standing out in a job search and making an impression on prospective employers. Examples of professional designations like the Certified Technology Manager (CTM) can be reviewed on the Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering website.

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Developing skills in leadership, decision making, strategic planning, and innovation is essential for future executives and managers who are looking to become a driving force in the success of a company. There are a myriad of possibilities for jobs available with a Master's in Technology Management throughout all types of industries and companies for business professionals to apply these skills in upper level positions.

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