5 Careers for a Master’s in Counseling Graduate

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Updated August 4, 2020

Master's in Counseling Careers

  • Rehabilitation Counselor
  • Community Counselor
  • Family and Marriage Counselor
  • Clinical Therapist
  • Mental Health Counselor

A Master's in Counseling degree will open multiple career opportunities for you. Depending on your choice, you may decide to work in hospitals, schools, substance abuse centers, correction facilities, or human service agencies. Counselors add value to the society by helping people going through difficult situations. This work is very vital in the process of structuring the society.

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Rehabilitation Counselor

Your job as a rehabilitation counselor is to help people with disabilities achieve their personal and business goals by taking them through a special counseling process. This position allows you to offer services that transform the lives of individuals, who have vocational and social issues, by getting the skills they need to move forward. You will also be teaching patients how to interact socially with other people, and provide emotional support for individuals who have gone through accident or illness. You might also team up with a therapist to help their patients receive physical rehabilitation.

Community Counselor

Community counselors are provided with the tools to diagnose and treat mental health disorders. You may also work with clients who are experiencing depression, anxiety, social injustice, job issues, and trauma. Community counselors often work in areas far away from the hospital where clients can visit them for sessions. This helps to reduce delays, long-distance issues, waiting rooms, large crowd, etc. Community counseling also takes place in venues like correctional facilities, retirement communities, schools, human service agencies and so on.

Family and Marriage Counselor

If you are passionate about helping couples and families reconnect and solve relationship problems, you should consider becoming a family and marriage counselor. No marriage is perfect, and many people do admit they have dysfunctional families. Your job will help prevent couples reconcile their differences and solve their problems before it leads to divorce. Becoming a family and marriage counselor requires that you have interest in the subject in addition to being an excellent listener and communicator.

Clinical Therapist

A Master's in Counseling degree can also help you start a career in clinical therapy. After graduation, you can work in a school, health service department, or elderly home, helping people deal with emotional, mental, and behavioral disorder. You will also be responsible for diagnosing and treating common conditions like eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and learning disabilities.

Mental Health Counselor

The mental health counselor is usually what most people think of when they hear "counseling". Your duties vary, including providing emotional and mental support for people going through the death of loved ones, relationship problems, physical illness or any other stressful situations. You may also need to help people dealing with bipolar disorders or recommend a patient for further resources if you think they are in a critical condition that needs urgent attention. As a mental health counselor, you are expected to have a broad knowledge base and know how to apply research for clinical counseling.

Other places you can work as a graduate in counseling includes helping people with substance abuse issues, schools, etc. Start a Master's in Counseling program and put yourself in the right position for a rewarding, exciting, and remarkable career that will touch many lives.

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