5 Great Internships for Master’s in Sports Management Students

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Updated August 4, 2020

Master's in Sports Management Internships

  • ESPN
  • Professional Sports Teams
  • College Sports
  • Sports Agents
  • Special Olympics

Internships for Master's in Sports Management students are essential for entry into the industry. While most Master's in Sports Managment programs will require an internship, even if the program you select doesn't Forbes in an article entitled "Sports Industry 101: Breaking Into the Business of Sports" says that working in an internship is a necessity for anyone wishing to break into the sports industry because of the contacts and references it provides the student.

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Here are 5 great internships for Master's in Sports Management students to consider.

Internships With ESPN

ESPN, one of the world's leading sports television and radio networks, offers internships during the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. ESPN internships are Generally located in Bristol, CT, New York City, Austin, TX, Charlotte, NC, and Los Angeles. ESPN internship program applicants must be registered in a degree program when they apply and must be authorized to work for any U.S. employer upon graduation. ESPN says that interns will have the opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in the industry and that interns have access to a special speakers series.

To apply for this great internship for master's in sports management students visit the ESPN careers page.

Professional Sports Teams Internships

Finding an internship with a professional team requires a little searching, but can be an excellent opportunity for Master's in Sports Management students to make great contacts for their career.

If you would like to work for a Professional League organization, you can start your search with the organizations page. For example, if you would like to work for Major League Baseball (MLB), including MLB Advanced Media, the MLB Network, or the Commissioner's Office you can find opportunities at their website. Make sure that you click on "internships" when searching for jobs. MLB internships can include opportunities in public relations, writing web copy, information technology opportunities, and many others.

If you would rather work for a team, visit TeamworkOnline. Many professional teams posts their internship opportunities here and opportunities are available working in just about every aspect of team operation including media relations, legal, marketing, stadium operations, player development etc.

College Sports Internships

When looking for college sports internships don't limit your search to just the large Division 1 programs. There are many great opportunities available at smaller Division 2 and 3 schools and at many community colleges. In addition, you can also contact school sports programs directly, and don't forget to check for opportunities at the school you are attending.

Internships With Sports Agents

If you have ever seen the famous sports agent movie Jerry Maguire, you may dream of being an agent. This is an extremely competitive field, but there are some great opportunities available. While many of the internship opportunities revolve around the legal aspect of the business, there are also many others that focus on player marketing and development.

Internships With Special Olympics

Special Olympics is an international organization based in Washington D.C. that promotes athletic events and training for persons who have intellectual disabilities. The headquarters office currently offers internships in human resources, innovation (strategic planning and fundraising), digital fundraising, legal, and marketing and communications. Two of the biggest benefits of this opportunity are the opportunity to work on an international scale, and the opportunity to do something you feel good about.

In addition to the internship opportunities at the headquarters office, there may also be opportunities available at local and regional Special Olympics offices. Local Special Olympics programs also have a number of volunteer opportunities in such varied fields as fundraising, coaching, and event management that you may be able to work into internship credit for you master's in sports management degree. To learn about these possibilities contact your local Special Olympics office.

The field of sports management is extremely competitive. Your best shot at getting in the door is to combine your degree with 1 or more internships in the field. Remember that the type of work you perform is less important than the contacts you make. It is these contacts that will take you from being a student to a working professional. By putting your best foot forward when applying and working hard once selected, you can help build a successful career with one of these 5 great internships for Master's in Sports Management students.

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