5 Key Courses in a Master’s in Internet Marketing

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Updated August 4, 2020

Core Classes in a M.A. in Internet Marketing Program

  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization
  • Writing for Digital Environments
  • Online Consumer Behavior and Analysis
  • Innovation and User-Centered Design
  • Advanced Internet Marketing Strategies

The required courses offered in a Master's in Internet Marketing program will prepare students to compete against experienced digital marketing professionals who either work directly for a company, work as consultants, or own their own marketing firm. Studying for an undergraduate degree can be challenging, but it is the advanced nature of master-level curriculum that gets students on the paths of becoming experts in a specialized subject. Here are the key classes students studying for an M.A. in Digital Marketing will be required to master:

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1. Advanced Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, which is more commonly referred to as SEO in the digital marketing world, is one of those strategies all digital marketers need to know in and out. In an undergraduate program, SEO would be a class or a possible subject that is covered, but in a Master-level program with a strict focus on digital tactics and principles, there will be a core class strictly on Advanced SEO.

The mission of an Advanced Search Engine Optimization course would be for students to analyze various organic search engine search methods. Students would also delve into paid advertising and paid placement tactics to determine the effectiveness of meeting search engine marketing goals.

2. Writing for Digital Environments

Great digital marketers need to be effective communicators. Multi-media and digital writing that's to be used for the purposes of marketing is far different from the standard composition that a student would learn in English while finishing general education.

In a digital environments writing class, students learn how the online environment and the presence of hyperlinks, interactive media, and social content can affect a writer's mission. Students learn how to draft clear, precise, and energetic copies that include elements taught in journalism without forgetting about digital trends.

3. Online Consumer Behavior and Analysis

Most marketers will hear a lot about target markets and niches by the time they are done with their Bachelor's degree. Target marketing is a tactic that generates more leads, but knowing how a target market is going to act while browsing the Internet is important. An Internet Consumer Behavior and Analysis class will teach future digital marketers how to evaluate whether or not their campaigns are successful in inspiring their audience to buy with various analytics tactics.

4. Innovation and User-Centered Design

Digital marketers might not be computer designers, but they must know the principles of user-centered design and how this can affect the audiences want or ability to purchase products or services. Innovation and User-Centered Design is a course that covers human factors that might influence the user response, social principles that can predict responses, and how to evaluate if a current design is effective with analytics.

5. Advanced Internet Marketing Strategies

There are endless opportunities for marketing in the traditional scope of business and in the more modern digital scope. As the Internet evolves, more and more marketing strategies are developed, some that don't even resemble promotional efforts at all. This course will cover several strategies including social media marketing on various platforms, email marketing, pay-per-click marketing, SEO, and more.

There are a number of ways graduates can use their Internet Marketing degrees. While Glassdoor data says that the average salary for a digital marketer is $67,230 per year, this can go well into the six figures for directors and highly sought-after consultants. Take these key courses, earn your Master's in Internet Marketing, and decide which path you'll go down.

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