5 Key Courses in a Master’s in Sports Management Program

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Updated August 4, 2020

Master's in Sports Management Courses

  • Sports Media Marketing and Communication
  • Issues of Sports Economics and Finance
  • Managing Sports Events
  • Sport Sponsorship and Sales
  • onsumer Behavior in Sports

Anyone who wants to study the business side of sports will want to know the five key courses in a Master's in Sports Management program. These courses are meant to prepare students for a rewarding career as a marketing manager, corporate sponsorship director or another fulfilling occupation found within this industry. Look at these descriptions to get a taste of what you'll learn as your earn this degree.

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Sports Media Marketing and Communication

In this course, students learn about various methods of marketing used by sporting teams. They learn how important it is to establish a relationship with consumers who belong to a particular demographic. In addition, students are taught how teams use both traditional and digital media to communicate with those who consume their product. Learning how to create a successful marketing strategy is another topic covered in this course. Students in this class take a close look at the necessary elements involved in a successful promotional campaign for a new or even an established team.

Issues of Sports Economics and Finance

In this course, students study the connection between finance and the industry of sports. They learn how to identify the demand for a particular type of sporting event and discover how pricing issues are handled. Students are taught the basics of how a sports franchise works and how finances are managed within an organization. They learn how hiring is handled within the sports industry and why certain decisions are made. Also, some time is spent on the topic of government subsidies, what they are and what part they play in this expanding industry.

Managing Sports Events

This Master's in Sports Management course teaches students the basic requirements involved in successful event management. This includes issues such as how to choose staff for a sports event and how many people to hire. Also, students learn about the different types of technology used in managing a sports event. For example, they learn the importance of social media in advertising an event and letting consumers know what to expect when they arrive. An important part of this course deals with budgeting for a sports event and how to disperse funds in the most effective way.

Sport Sponsorship and Sales

This course is all about the different types of sales that occur in the sports industry. Students learn how revenue is raised through sports sponsorship. Also, they are taught how to recognize selling trends in this industry and how to take advantage of growing trends among consumers who watch and attend sports competitions. Specific examples are likely to be used by the professor to demonstrate how various sports organizations have used sponsorship to increase their profits. The principles of sales theory are also discussed in this course and how they apply to this growing industry.

Consumer Behavior in Sports

Students who take this course delve into the psychological reasons behind the behavior of consumers who enjoy sporting events. Also, they discover what types of things influence choices made by these consumers. Students are taught how to use this information to put together a successful marketing campaign. In addition, they learn how to identify consumer habits when it comes to selling products connected with a particular sports team. Oftentimes, an instructor teaching this Master's level course may use several extremely successful, well-known teams as examples to demonstrate how marketing contributed to the club's great success.

These are just a sampling of the courses you'll take as you earn this advanced degree. Knowing about these five key courses in a Master's in Sports Management program can give you an idea of the topics you'll encounter in this exciting industry.

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