5 Reasons Teachers Embark on a Master’s in Education Program?

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Updated April 8, 2021

Reasons Teachers Embark on a Master's in Education Program

  • Greater Job Opportunities
  • To Seek Other Education Related Positions
  • Improved Teaching Skills
  • More Classroom and Hands-on Experience
  • Greater Income Potential

If someone is interested in a job as a teacher, they can obtain a Bachelor's degree in Education, but there are a variety of benefits to going further and seeking a Master's in Education. According to Teach.com, states only require a Bachelor's degree to be able to teach grade, middle and high school, but a Master's is required to teach at a college or university. Along with meeting standards for a teaching position in higher education, there are several other benefits to pursuing a Master's in Education.

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Greater Job Opportunities

In addition to the fact that you'll be eligible for jobs as a teacher in K12 schools as well as in universities, having a Master's will also make you a more appealing candidate for a teaching position. A Master's will often put you head and shoulders above other applicants because it indicates that in addition to having more education, you're also serious about your field of work. Master's work also generally entails more hands on training than Bachelor's degrees, so even if you're fresh out of school, you'll still have spent time leading a classroom.

To Seek Other Education Related Positions

In addition to being a teacher, getting a Master's in Education also qualifies you for a variety of other roles in the education system. Master's programs often focus on leadership and administration, so this degree can help you obtain a job as a principal or school administrator. These Education programs also have a focus on helping people understand the psychology behind teaching, and this training may help make someone a better candidate for a job as a school counselor or as a special needs teacher. If you're interested in making a difference in the education system itself, this is a great degree option.

Improved Teaching Skills

While a Bachelor's degree in Education will prepare you for running a classroom, a Master's in Education will help you better understand your role as an educator. It also gives you a look at the way that the administration system works, so you'll see how choices are made and why. Along with a better grasp of the methods of teaching and the theories behind them, you'll be able to tell which systems are most effective in the classroom and why. Master's programs also often include education technology coursework, so you'll likely come away with more tools to assist students at all levels.

More Classroom and Hands-on Experience

While most people who obtain a Bachelor's degree in Education have spent some time interning and have at least some exposure to the classroom, you'll get far more hands on experience with a master's. The more time that you spend in the classroom, the more prepared that you'll be to handle one on your own, so teachers are generally far more comfortable in their first job if they have a Master's. Further, you're able to see a wider variety of classroom settings, so you'll have probably spent time with young children, teenagers and special needs students.

Greater Income Potential

As a result of being able to seek administrative positions as well as other roles in the education system, a Master's degree will naturally allow you to make more money than with just a Bachelor's degree. Many specialized teaching roles, such as those that involve working with kids who are gifted or have special needs, pay more than positions running regular classrooms. Additionally, in some school districts, the greater your level of education, the higher your salary, even if you are a new hire.

If you are interested in seeking a degree in Education, while a Bachelor's degree will get you the job you want, you may find that a Master's will give you more opportunities. A Master's may allow you to earn more money and make a greater difference in the classroom as well.

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